Multichannel Commerce and Product Information Management

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Dedication to Your Needs

To ensure customer success, Access Commerce has made considerable investments to develop implementation methodologies that have been field tested and proven. Committed to best practices and customer care, the professional services team works to ensure satisfaction throughout the product deployment lifecycle. We offer a complete package of education, consulting services and customer support plans to help our customers plan, deploy, maintain and extend their Cameleon Multichannel Commerce Solutions.

The Cameleon Implementation Methodology and Cameleon Model Designer Methodology ensure that the proper steps are identified and followed, the correct resources are engaged at the right time in the project, and signoffs and check points are in place to measure the incremental progress and success of the implementation.

Our experienced project managers and consultants excel at building multi-level, multi-competency project teams, communicating regularly, and ensuring smooth deployment. Experienced managers using proven methodologies ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

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