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Dedication to Your Needs. Dedication to Your Solution. Dedication to Your Results.

Access Commerce’s implementation methodology approach focuses on transferring knowledge to team members and developing their skills to achieve total mastery. Every implementation includes defining the business requirements for your Cameleon solution and recording your existing business processes. Our consultants help define objectives, organize your current and future goals, and identify the functionality needed for your specific business solution. 

The Access Commerce approach is designed to meet these key business objectives:
Low total-time-to-implement
Achieve high value at the lowest possible cost
Total knowledge transfer
Complete customer success
    •  Achieve scope
    •  Solve business problem
    •  Full user ownership and adoption

The Cameleon Implementation Methodology integrates a 5 step process to manage the entire project life cycle:

1. Assessment
- Each implementation begins by defining the business requirements of your Cameleon Solution by outlining your objectives. Our dedicated, attentive team will assess your current business needs, long-term goals, and specific functionality required in your solution. The team gauges risks, outlines training, documentation and testing metrics to ensure completeness, consistency and quality at all stages of the implementation.

2. Education
- Ensuring that our customers reach mastery with their solution is part of our commitment to unmatched quality service. We will work with you to determine roles and responsibilities for maintaining your solution. Our team then trains participants on products, technologies and methodologies to transfer critical knowledge, ensuring that each user achieves ownership of the solution.

3. Specialized Set-up
- At Access Commerce, we want to make sure that Cameleon performs better for our customers than any other solution available. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative implementation process that delivers unrivaled quality and speed in solution deployment. Our solutions are equipped with parallel functionality that allows simultaneous application implementation and model design. This approach allows unmatched rapid deployment of user interface designs, business processes and entity relationships, catalogs and product configuration models, testing, and validation.

4. Integration
- Integrate Cameleon within existing system infrastructure by designing bi-directional data flows through Cameleon Integration Technology.

5. Roll-out
- Deploy the Cameleon solution. Systems are deployed over one or more project phases depending on user parameters.

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