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Cameleon Model Designer

Cameleon Model Designer, our unique design methodology, was developed to ensure that configuration models are well designed and optimized. A proper design is the first line of defense against potential performance issues, yet is the area most-often overlooked by companies implementing configuration software.

With Cameleon Model Designer, a “generic” model that includes the product features and options, pricing, BOM structures, routings, and costs is created. The result is an easy to understand “Blueprint” model defining all the rules and constraints of the product. The Blueprint is simple to update and maintain and provides newcomers with a documented description of the product offering.

Our approach is to train our customers, then mentor them throughout the initial implementation, transferring knowledge and responsibility throughout the project so participants take ownership of their solution. Configuration modeling follows the Cameleon Model Designer methodology, which has been proven to reduce overall model creation time and maintenance time. After definition of the first product line/family, most customers are able maintain the completed model and create additional models without assistance.

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