Multichannel Commerce and Product Information Management

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+ Cameleon Commerce Suite

Cameleon Commerce Suite

Cameleon helps manufacturing, distribution, retail and service companies sell products and manage data across any sales channel. The Cameleon Commerce Suite simplifies key steps in the Lead-to-Order-to-After-Sales process by optimizing core business functions: e-commerce, electronic catalog and guided selling, product and service configuration, advanced pricing and promotions, quote and proposal generation, and order management. Cameleon drives business efficiency by aggregating, standardizing and syndicating product information across supply and demand chains. Employees, channel partners and customers use Cameleon to eliminate errors and non-value added activities, decrease cycle times and improve customer satisfaction, resulting in increased revenue and a reduction in sales and operational costs.

The Cameleon Commerce Suite includes:
Multichannel commerce applications for sales teams, channel partners and self-
    service customers that are fast and easy to deploy

Configuration components designed to integrate with other e-Business
    applications and enterprise systems

Product Information Management tools to improve data quality and consistency
A proven methodology and toolset to design, build, validate and deploy product
    models across all sales channels and systems

Cameleon Commerce Suite
Cameleon Commerce Suite

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