Multichannel Commerce and Product Information Management

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Accurate and Complete Product Information Across the Extended Enterprise

Cameleon Product Information Manager (PIM), part of the Cameleon Commerce Suite, is a comprehensive solution to aggregate, cleanse, structure and synchronize product data internally and with suppliers and customers.

Multiple systems, data formats and exchange protocols
Frequent changes and updates to catalog data
Increasing volume and complexity of product information
Rogue purchasing due to outdated procurement catalogs
High level of data quality and consistency required

Primary Benefits
Improve data quality across systems and processes
Manage and manipulate multilingual product information
Greater team productivity through powerful easy-to-use tools
Reduce order errors caused by missing or inaccurate product information
React more quickly to market and pricing changes
Easily customize product catalogs according to commercial partner profiles

Key Features
Import all types of formats (txt, csv, XML) – quickly and securely
Advanced data mapping functions
Robust data control: rules, deduplication, exception management
Integration and synchronization with legacy systems
Attribute, price and classification comparison
Intuitive "Excel-like” user interface
Advanced multi-criteria search functions and mass updates
Multilingual structured (attributes) and unstructured (multimedia files) content

Pricing management through multiple criteria (quantities, currencies, effectivity

Advanced assistants: classification mapping, translation, and spelling
Workflow process for catalog modification and validation
Standard classifications support (eCl@ss, TROCS, ETIM, UNSPSC, etc.)
Multimedia and multi-format catalog management and publishing

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